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Cries And Relief From the Battlefield Paniai west Papua

Written By Ipmapuja Korwilmalangraya on Senin, 19 Desember 2011 | Senin, Desember 19, 2011

Cries And Relief From the Battlefield Paniai west Papua

Gen. Jhon Jogi
Paniai west papua- In 2011 this addition of the Colonial military forces from outside Papua, Indonesia Delivery of Jakarta Detachment 88 namely Coconut II, Brimob from Papua Police, and various units of the security sutuan kept at muster in Papua.
Colonial regime plans to spend Sby-Budiono Struggle Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM) of our region and the entire national territory of West Papua, this is one form of regime of Indonesia's commitment to "eliminate" people of Papua, and seized property of indigenous Papuans in West Papua.
We never give up, we are working for Papuan independence, because we know under the Freedom is the right of all nations.
Suffering experienced by fighter-penjuang Papua (the bones) is only for "Free Papua"
Peraktek cruelty, violence, brutal assault, attack either by air, land, whatever form that is applied or carried by the system REGIME Indonesia (Sby-Budiono) with military-police force.
 We Indigenous people of Papua (OAP) and TPN-OPM in West Papua All Mainland was never afraid and trembling. To tell the truth of history that had been trampled on - walk on by Colonial Indonesia.

We have always existed to fight for our rights Vision and Mission of Papua native, (Kiriting hair and black leather with Ras Malanesia) is the nation's sovereignty of West Papua,
despite many shortcomings, although we were shot, although we are killed, even though we were in the chase, even though we were arrested, although we were in prison, even though we were at our house burn, although the grilled items are definitely a long or short we believe that must Papua will be independent as a nation great and sovereign
For all the bones had been left in the cries of a thousand souls, but the spirit and consciousness towards Papua independence struggle is now residing in the hearts of every struggle for Papua child, These are all heroes of West Papua.
Therefore, we urge the government of Indonesia Governor of Papua, Papua regional police, police chief regent and regency Paniai. to be responsible for all these inhumane acts. If it does not give an answer then Immediately Clear the Existing System Administration in the District of Paniai. If it still exists, we will see later. (Eduda forest)
We need the equipment, is aid of food, medical and humanitarian aid from all over the world, our struggle is not without foundation, we menyedari our political rights are rights that must be seized, so the struggle continues, whatever the risks.
We hope that the Indonesian government to open space an independent media and journalists to monitor the situation in Papua, because military forces / police are not against TPN but mostly kill and torture innocent civilians, and burned the homes of innocent citizens.
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